Established in 1983, Milly’s was created as a “Family Style” restaurant. Since then it has evolved into a “community Style” restaurant. People from all walkes of life have come to enjoy our breakfast and lunch specialties. The first Milly’s was established at 2100 Candelaria NE and later expanded to the Jefferson Location in 1993. Plans for a third location are coming soon. Mr. George Daskalos, Owner and Founder, named the restaurant after his mother Milly Daskalos when opening the first location. To this day you can still find Mr. and Mrs. Daskalos frequenting the restaurants.

Milly’s is a community oriented place specializing in American, Greek and New Mexican Food. A wonderful combination of specialized dishes from which you can select and enjoy! Easy parking, terrific service and an ambiance that is down-home friendly and inexpensive, with a high quality menu are only a few of the many great things you will experience with us. So stop on by and say hello over a great meal and become one of the many who have come to enjoy and appreciate the Gem which will become your home away from home. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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